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Traveling Tips for Visiting Japan

Each year, Japan attracts millions of unsuspecting tourists is a concrete-lined shores, tourists who come to explore is emerald green hills and traditional Buddhist temples, the experience of its towers of Metropolis and mega-malls, and feel totally out of place in its trains and in restaurants, clubs, bars and pubs. she many Japanese Girls

Traveling to Japan

Travel to Fukuoka
Fortunately, there are hundreds of travel guides, websites,Japan girls blogs, books and designed to arm the visitor to Japan with all the information he or she needs to survive the experience of Japan "and take full advantage of it. Unfortunately, most of that information is generic and obvious, and will let you feel, well, misplaced as a tourist to get here.

Do not worry. To combat the relative futility of most travel guides that I have created a Ichiban! Top 10 list of travel tips for visiting Japan. This list does not help you find anything that guide or around Japan in any way, but it can help you prepare for what they find when they step off the plane, on the train, and Japan does not tell you about.

1. Eat whatever is given to you. Do not make a face, not wrinkle your nose, not push away. This is food is fresh, and is different to be eaten with a smile, and then wash it quickly with all liquid is in reach. And if you simply can not stomach raw bits of pickled squid or rot, slime-covered soybeans, lie and say you have a 'gee-aller ". It's the kind thing to do.

2. Smile more. Even if you're simply walking down the street or sitting on the train, keep a smile (not a smirk) on his face. You are enough fear in his hometown on a good day. Imagine after a few days on the road to Japan, and is easy to see why people cross the street to avoid you. Smile, and at least they cree que mostly harmless ... or possibly a Mormon.

3. Remove your shoes.

4. See paragraph (3) above, and then remember to remove their shoes when you enter the buildings and walk the last large lots of closets, conveniently located for most of the entries, which are chalk-full of shoes like yours - only smaller, cleaner, and probably more expensive.

5. Learn a few phrases in Japanese before reaching the plane, and then accept the fact that you will not be able to understand the answers to any of them. But at least saying 'Sumi more "or" onegaishimasu "that might get some attention and understanding, then quite possibly an answer in English.

6. Go to an onsen (hot springs) or sento (public bath), remove your clothes and leave your shame at home. Everyone is naked under their clothes, to get over yourself and move straight in. Just remember to wash, scrub, wash again, dry and every inch square, and between your body before doing so. And if you have a tattoo, accept the fact her naked flesh may not be welcome everywhere.

7. Embrace the differences without judgement. In Japan, you see girls in incredibly short skirts everywhere, at all times. You can view pornographic magazines at 7-11 and on trains. You will be around people who smoke and drink and then drink and smoke more, and then fall. OK, is part of the culture and a good example of how a person incredibly tolerant and safe society functions.

8. No cree that his gold is a God simply because you can be higher than many or most of blond, and only because many people look at you, say hello, you buy drinks, or in the case of young women attractive, more flat. You do not become special, more attractive, smarter, or simply drop dead sexy arriving in Japan. If you live here for a while, perhaps. But in his first visit.

9. Keep this in mind at all times: Japanese hosts, hostesses, friends, in-laws, grandparents, police, teachers, gangsters, school girls, and even strangers passing that in the end with drink continuously maintain its full glass and not be aware of it until you've had too. If you do not pay attention, you wake up with a furry tongue and a headache, for example, that even God himself never anticipated. And no hair of the dog-erase this acute sense of shame you feel like they are outside someone drank twice their age - or half.

10. I do not think that people who just suffered through its extended version of "Stairway to Heaven" in the karaoke box when applaud and say how much it sounded. You did not. They are just being beautiful, Japanese-style. In truth, you have stunk up the place and unaided caused a rebound in the Japanese suicide rate. Do not do it.

Keep these ten simple points in mind at all times, and you're sure to have a good time in Japan and possibly even recall something that you experience when you get here. And best of all, you realize that when it comes to travel and experience the culture and country for the first time, sometimes the reality rather than read, the less you really know.

While tradition and the label can be a little more important then in Japan, for example, the decline in Washington State, people are people and as a visitor awaits screw up occasionally. Therefore, relax, have a good time, and make a fool of yourself. It is inevitable.

Just do not forget to remove your shoe

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