Saturday, May 2, 2009

new faces: shen li jun and carmen soo

young chinese actress, dancer, from shanghai. Shen li jun is so sweet and beautiful

carmen soo, is a hot chinese model and actress, born in KL malaysia, at 16 she moved to Hongkong to further her carreer as a model

maia and mey chan

The newlook of maia, after broke up with mulan kwok aka mulan jameela aka wulansari. She found a new frontgirl for her band. Many said mey chan, the new singer, has a lot to offer than mulan kwok did. Are they hot Or not?

Let 's wait and see in the near future hot gossip column. I think Maia has met her perfect match, Mey Chan is hot, she got the look to be a popstar for teenybopper glamrock band, but for maia, isn't she getting to old for glamrock band.

emang gua pikirin and ingat kamu, the only 2 new songs in her new album are not that hot either. Her formula for song almost the same as she did in Ratu. But it seems there is less publicity than ratu or dewa19 did in promoting a new album.

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