Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sora Aoi The Cute Japanese ,Luxury

sora aoi
aoi sora

In case you do not yet know, blue skies are often called 'aoi sora' in Japanese. Though her name and the term for blue skies are written differently in Japanese, it should be obvious her name was given to her as a homophone of Blue Skies.

This series of photos takes us close up at her bed, and watch her don that blue sleeping gown. She then strips down to a set of blue bikini and shows off her flesh smooth as silk. When the straps of her top piece loosens, watch her cup her lovely pair of breasts. Check out some of her videos.

Profile Aoi Sora

Name: Aoi Sora (蒼井そら)
Alternate spellings: Aoi Sola, SO-LA (as a musician)
Birthdate: November 11th, 1983
Height: 155cm
Bust: 90cm (F cup)
Waist: 58cm
Hips: 83cm
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Watching movies, dancing, playing billiards
Special ability: Graffiti
Favorite food: Hamburger

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