Thursday, April 22, 2010

Video Mobil Yang Bisa Terbang Yang Menghebohkan

2011, Flying Car is Ready to Take Off

In early 2010, shocked the world with first flight of the Aircraft or Roadable Transition TRA using airborne-capable cars Terrafugia creation. Well, Terrafugia flying car ready to sell it to the public in 2011.

About the car can fly, it has grown in recent years. However, not a single person who looks to run on public roads or in the air, let alone marketed to the public.

It may be, Terrafugia products listed as the first. The vehicle is claimed to be able to fly as far as 700 km with a speed of 175 km / hour. When on the road, this car can be driven with a speed of 110 km / hour.

The plane has a 20-gallon tank and 450-mile range. Its speed is 115 mph. The pilot can switch from one mode to another with perfect ease within 30 seconds. How this is achievable? From a pilot you can become a car driver by folding up the wings and shifting the engine power from the rear-mounted propeller to the front wheels.

The MIT students have floated a company named as Terrafugia. They will conduct further tests of the plane for longer duration of fights and hold trial for handling characteristics too. The timing of launch of this flying car is just right. The Federal Aviation Administration has created a new category of plane, Light Sport Aircraft. They have also made provision for a new license category just for pilots of such craft, including Terrafugia’s two-seater Transition. The “sport pilot” license requirement is quite lenient compared to regular pilot’s license. If you want to fly the Transition it will take only about 20 hours of training time.

One of the key features that makes sense TRA used in everyday life is the ability to use the actual driving on the highway. He could park the car as usual. In addition, these vehicles also have the ability to fold the wings in just 30 seconds, like a convertible car.

Terrafugia said, the TRA was created with the intention of making a flexible vehicles. That is, this vehicle allows the driver to go to the airport or vice versa without having to think about additional parking.

Now, you who are interested have a flying car can be booked directly with the base currency 10,000 U.S. dollars (USD 95 million). When the order is done, prepare more funding worth 185,000 U.S. dollars (USD 1.75 billion).

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