Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 Wanita Cantik Si Penggoda Suami Orang

Since the first, there is a term that states women are 'poison the world'. This assumption can be traced starting from Greek mythology, which tells about Helen of Troy, that her beauty makes all men desire to possess it.

Or, Cleopatra in a romance with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. Till, Anne Boleyn, who made King Henry VIII of England divorced from the Empress (in the 16th century divorce was taboo). They all regarded as a woman home wrecker

Today, some women who could make the world scene also get a nickname like that. Hollyscoop following sequence revealed 10 women with the title "teaser husband of the woman."

1) Maria Belen Shapur:

Argentine women are known as a household nuisance, Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina, U.S., in recent years. Sanford had gone to Buenos Aires with Shapur. But the governor was denied and said he just did hiking in the area. However, Sanford finally divorced. Shapur was still living in Argentina. Reportedly, the couple is having a relationship 'in secret. "

2) Rielle Hunter:

This woman was 'promoted' from one of John Edwards campaign worker, to being mother of the baby is Edwards. Not only as a destroyer of household Edwards, Hunter is also regarded as a woman who makes Edwards lost the opportunity to run for president.

3) LeAnn Rimes:

When filming the movie 'Lifetime Northern Lights' by Eddie Cibrian, Rimes rumored to have a holiday romance. Both left their partners, and is often seen making out in public without shame.

4) Jamie Grubbs:

This woman was one of 17 Tiger Woods affair. Women who also works as a waitress was admitted had a relationship with Woods during the 31 months. Recognition Grubbs convincing enough because he has a record a voice message from Woods.

5) Ashley Dupre:

Dupre became an international figure of the spotlight after New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resign for his involvement with prostitution scandal.

6) Katelyn Faber:

Women who work as employees of this hotel because it requires pebasket Kobe Bryant sexual assault against him. He also received large sums of money. Faber reportedly with money that can buy a hotel, no longer serving the hotel guests.

7) Camilla Parker:

This woman may not be as beautiful and as elegant as Princess Diana. However, Prince Charles left his wife for his old love this. Had circulating rumors, the couple have intercourse even when Charles was still married to Diana. Now, the marriage of Camilla and Charles was 5 years old.

8) Michelle McGee:

This woman reveals affair Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's husband in a magazine. He then received a fee of U.S. $ 30 thousand from the proficiency level in these magazines. However, today he's hiding from the public, and received many emails containing the criticism and invective that every day due to infidelity.

9) Rachel Uchitel:

Uchitel is one name that first appeared when Tiger Woods first issue of the affair broke. The waiter at a club in New York is supposed to be a matter of debate Woods with his wife who then bear the accident almost three weeks ago. He was reportedly given money amounting to U.S. $ 10 million to keep mum about the relationship with Woods.

10) Angelina Jolie:

This beautiful actress successfully captured the heart of Brad Pitt when filming 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'. At that time, Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. This includes cases of adultery scandal the largest in Hollywood, and still be warm conversation until now.

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